My Friend Tamoxifen

My Friend Tamoxifen It’s incredible how much I appreciate my normal little life now. Tasks that once seemed monotonous like going to work or doing “the big shop” bring me such pleasure. During chemo these things felt like a struggle, now they feel like a reward. Trying to forge a normal life whilst undergoing treatment […]

London – My Marsden Experience

London – My Marsden Experience My trip to the Royal Marsden Hospital seems like a lifetime ago now but for some reason I haven’t been in the right frame of mind to sit down and blog about it. I think it’s because I wanted a holiday from cancer for a while and in some ways […]

When Bad News is Better than No News

When Bad News is Better than No News I’ve spent the last 2-3 weeks waiting on results, basically driving myself insane. The constant spiral of scenarios spinning around my mind have made me unbelievably anxious and now I’ve given myself hives so I’m itchy and anxious. Annoying. Anyone who has cancer (or loves someone who […]

Symptoms Vs Side Effects

Symptoms Vs Side Effects My body is a wondrous young thing. In my 34 years I’ve survived meningitis, pulmonary pneumonia and now I’m fighting stage 3 ovarian cancer. Strangely enough I don’t consider myself to be a sickish person. I don’t get coughs or colds, I’ve never broken a bone and until recently I rarely […]

The Follow Up Meeting

The Follow-up Meeting After a long week of waiting and imagining the worst we finally had our follow up meeting. The biopsy had come back and it was confirmed, stage 3c cancer. The cancer had started in my ovaries, moved to the lining of the abdomen and then on to the liver. It wasn’t until […]

An Unexpected Diagnosis.

An Unexpected Diagnosis Hi, I’m Jenny and in the last 6 weeks my life has been turned upside down. I knew something wasn’t right but cancer, really? Cancer’s really good at branding itself as a cold hearted killer so when you tell someone you have cancer they look at you as if you’re going to […]