Off With Her Hair – When bald is best.

Off with her Hair – When bald is best It’s handy that you can’t see yourself,  I quite often forget I don’t have hair until a stranger gives me a second look or I catch a glimpse of my reflection in a car window. It started falling out gradually at first and I was able […]

Off to the Wig Shop

A Visit to the Wig Shop At first I didn’t think losing my hair would bother me so much. I didn’t like the style all that much anyhow and had been fed up with it for a while. I actually saw this as a good opportunity to experiment and cut it from straight and long […]

The Follow Up Meeting

The Follow-up Meeting After a long week of waiting and imagining the worst we finally had our follow up meeting. The biopsy had come back and it was confirmed, stage 3c cancer. The cancer had started in my ovaries, moved to the lining of the abdomen and then on to the liver. It wasn’t until […]

An Unexpected Diagnosis.

An Unexpected Diagnosis Hi, I’m Jenny and in the last 6 weeks my life has been turned upside down. I knew something wasn’t right but cancer, really? Cancer’s really good at branding itself as a cold hearted killer so when you tell someone you have cancer they look at you as if you’re going to […]